Small changes add up

Budgeting is critical to any small business. Cash flow tends to be erratic and it is important to have something saved to get through lean periods. I can help your business allocate money wisely with budetging and setting realistic goals which will allow it to grow.

Payment Mix

Nowadays, businesses can reach customers across the globe. These customers expect businesses to accept various payment types, and their needs are not being met. ACI Worldwide’s 2016 Ovum Global Payments Insight survey found that most businesses fell short in meeting consumers’ expectations.

Payment Options Meet Consumer Expectations

Egeltje can help your business find the most cost effective payment mix without reducing revenue, allowing you to reach more customers and stand out from the competition.


Do simple better*

- Joe Maddon, the manager of the 2016 Chicago Cubs World Series baseball team

I will work with your business to eliminate problems that frequently occur. First, I quantify how frequently a problem occurs, identify its root cause and then support your business in implementing preventive steps. This allows your business to free up time, energy and other resources and channel them to what you do best instead.

This method works! It was used to help reduce/eliminate processing errors for a client in the US. In a two-year period, their error rate dropped by 82%.

CRM systems: Salesforce, ServiceNow

Process documentation: Confluence, Sharepoint

Certifications: Professional Scrum Master I, ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, License GR750207419AF




99.5% won’t do

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

- Nelson Mandela

Your English is very good, and in a conversation an occasional mistake or misplaced preposition is no big deal. Unfortunately, readers are less forgiving. There are many nuances in a language that native speakers intuitively understand that can be overlooked; and phrases that can be lost in translation. I am a native English speaker, and I would love to be an extra pair of eyes before that menu, white paper or proposal is sent to the printer.