Egeltje Consulting

The word egeltje means little hedgehog in Dutch. This is a nod to Jim Collins' Good to Great, where he describes the "Hedgehog Concept". The idea is that while a fox is cunning, the hedgehog knows "one big thing", and can use that skill to outsmart the fox.

Egeltje can help you improve your service by focusing on your “one big thing”:



Your company is more efficient when you dedicate more of your time to what you do best, whether that’s running a B&B, lawn mowing, or engineering. However, everyone knows that much of the time spent running a business involves administrative work: copyediting, bookkeeping and general maintenance.

This work is time consuming and distracts you from what you do best. Let me help with budgeting, English copywriting and expanding your customers’ payment options, which will help you grow your business, reach new audiences and win back valuable time.





Egeltje’s owner, Amy Fuller, came to Utrecht, the Netherlands by way of Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas, USA. She had ten years’ experience in the payment industry and five years Project Management experience prior to starting Egeltje in 2013. She’s a movie buff, craft beer aficionado, vociferous reader, a music lover and has been an avid saver since she was a small child.